Ozone Therapy
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Ozone is a form of oxygen that carries very high energy. O3 is a colorless, characteristic odor at room temperature, a gas that can be felt after stormy weather, at high places or at sea.

Ozone is known to be a youth potion and is very effective in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Today, Ozone therapy, which provides successful results in the treatment of diabetes (diabetes mellitus) hypertension and chronic hepatitis, accelerates cell regeneration, and therefore it is one of the classical physical therapy methods (hot, cold, electric currents, Sound waves, etc.) is a much more effective treatment. Especially when a treatment program combined with acupuncture is followed, the pain is reduced and the permanent healing is achieved in a shorter time. With this treatment, the cartilaginous tissues in the joints enter a rapid healing process, the blood circulation accelerates, the healing enzymes secreted by the cells and the diseased cells enter the healing process.

It is possible to achieve rapid and permanent healing by triggering cell renewal with ozone therapy in areas such as chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, vascular diseases, health life and stress, detox, skin diseases, digestive system disorders, immune system strengthening, female reproductive system disorders.

What is PRP Treatment? What are the Benefits?

Ozone Therapy

This new technology has been widely used in the United States in recent years. It is a newly approved FDA approved treatment in Turkey as well as in European countries. This therapeutic power of your blood is used in many areas. The platelet rich plasma PRP (PLATELET RİCH PLASMA) is taken and injected into the areas needing treatment. In this way, stem cell migration occurs due to the growth factor (healing repair) secretion that activates the cells of this region. Newly introduced cells increase the synthesis of collagen, allowing the tissue to heal.

To prevent hair loss,

In order to rejuvenate the face,

Treatment of non-healing wounds

Shoulder joint (Rotator cuff) injuries

Tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Golfer elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)

Muscle Problems (Muscle tears, difficulties, etc.)

Knee straps

Degenerative knee diseases (knee, hip, shoulder, ankle calcifications)

Patella tendinitis

Ankle sprain

Achilles tendon injuries

Plantar fasciitis

Meniscus tears

Disc hernia (belly button)

Myofascial aches (in muscle tensions, which we know as pulp pain)

Chronic Waist Pain

PRP does not have any side effects because the therapy is done from your own blood. After your treatment, you can continue your daily life. There is almost no pain due to application of local anesthetic before the injections.

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