Spinal cord injuries
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Spinal cord injuries occur as a result of several factors, including:
War casualties
the fall
Spinal cord injury leads to sensory and motor problems, which affects the patient life in general
The injured person may have complete injury: the patient loses all sensory feeling and loses the ability to control movement below the injury level
Partial incomplete: the patient may have some sensory and motor functions below the level of injury

It results in spinal cord injuries
Quadriplegia or paraplegia, depending on the location of the injury
We are ROMATEM Hospital in Turkey have an integrated team for the rehabilitation of all types of SCI.

Includes a qualification program:
Control of spastic paralysis
Reinforcement of the upper limb
Motor training using advanced equipment
Strengthening and stimulating sensation and movement below the level of injury
Improve balance
Bladder control
Psychological support

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